WHO IS alceo?

Each person, project or group has its own identity. The brand of our business is the pure expression of the values ​​we believe in and the way we face our challenges.

ALCEO. This term origins are dated back in time. 

The word ‘alkaios, alke’, from the ancient Greek, invoked Strength, Resistance and Bravery. These are the values characterizing our approach to new challenges.

Not only qualities: who knows us also defines us as stubborn, scrupulous, concentrated, obsessed with detail and obstinate. That’s why the ELK represents us. It is the emblem of the qualities and strengths of our method that is based on:

logo completo alceo studio ingegneria


The elk’s antlers are a symbol of connection with oneself and with one’s own origins as well as with what surrounds us. We preserve our origins, the qualities and skills learned and spread them in what we do, with passion.

Team work, constant discussion and the synergy with other professionals are both the basis of our working method and fundamental factors for the success of the project. The final project is the result of a constant exchange of views and sharing of phases, where each professional is called to make its own contribution. Our task is, in fact, to combine technology, innovation and engineering in accordance with your needs, while fully respecting the identity of your brand.

The result is a perfect balance.

Trust and determination are the connecting elements of a solid network of professionals from different sectors at your disposal, concerted in unison to offer a complete design service, from looking at trends to the constant search for new technologies in sectors, focused on product design & engineering. From preliminary studies to design, up to the definition of the executive project in minute details. The subsequent optimization of industrial processes aimed at creating the first prototype and the corporate identity is also one of our tasks.

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Build and temperament express strength and personal pride. Respect and esteem mean believing in ourselves and in our abilities.

We believe it.

This favors a free expression of creativity and encourages us to walk with our head held high, sharing our successes with each other. The ultimate goal is happiness, pride and satisfaction for what we do. Each project represents a new challenge for us and we take it to heart. Your satisfaction is a matter of pride for us.

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Knowing when it’s the right time to free your good anger. This is the primary source of energy aimed at achieving the goal. Anger and obstinacy are feelings that if channelised in the right process lead to find the best ideas and solutions to your desires.

Knowing how to bolster your courage, persevere and appreciate the results obtained, as well as the need to learn to praise and encourage others in order to obtain a mutual benefit.

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