the founder

Gianfranco quercia

Gianfranco studied at the Politecnico di Milano where he graduated in 2009 with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in vehicles. The thesis concerned the torque vectoring control logic of an electric vehicle.

The specialization in vehicles took place as early as the third year of university, when Gianfranco joined the team Dynamis PRC racing department of the Politecnico di Milano, working on a vehicle to compete in the international formula SAE championship. In 2006 he took care of the set-up and handling optimization of the car, that entered the competitions of the same year in Italy and England. 

In the following year, as Team Leader of the project, he was responsible for the development and construction of the 2007 vehicle. He was not only in charge of the team management, but also of the development and definition of the chassis and suspensions. This experience culminated with the participation in the SAE international championship at the Silverstone F1 circuit (England), in which he also made his debut driving the vehicle itself.

After the master’s degree, he worked for 10 years at MAIN engineering where he dealt with design and the technical direction of the engineering department.

But in life it is right to continue to set goals, to aim for growth and improvement, always keeping alive the passion and enthusiasm for what you do. Take life in your own hands and act. Opportunities are hidden in the courage of your own choices.

In 2020 he founded ALCEO. A challenge, that of questioning oneself, facing also the judgment of others, that of the market and what follows.

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Gianfranco's numbers:

6Evelyn’s age, his daughter, but also the atomic number of Carbon, the material that intrigues and represents him the most. Sensitivity and resistance are characteristics that he shares with this material. The three well-known allotropes of carbon include graphite, one of the softest materials, and diamond, one of the hardest known. The cover of his phone, the helmet for karting, the frame of his mountain bike and the details of his car are all in carbon.

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alceo - studio ingegneria - about - hamilton

44 the passion for Formula 1 and for the driver Lewis Hamilton, a sportsman who has always been an example of dedication and courage for him. In 2019 he added to his wine collection a jeroboam bottle of Champagne Carbon in pink carbon, a tribute to Hamilton’s victory at the 2019 Montecarlo Grand Prix, and also in support of the ‘Fondation pour la Recherche mèdicale’ for breast cancer research.

7,2the weight in kg of his mountain bike. A meticulous work of great precision to which he has dedicated himself over the years, where every component has been individually evaluated and assembled to obtain the maximum performance in terms of efficiency and reliability. This mountain bike was his faithful companion in the famous ‘Sella Ronda Hero’ competition in the Dolomites, in which he participated for two consecutive years.

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18 – years old when he bonded with his R53 Mini Cooper S. In 20(18) he upgraded the car with the last genuine John Cooper Works (JCW) engine kit available in the world. Detail has always been his obsession.

the team

Filippo Greppi – R&D engineer

Since he was a boy, he has always been passionate about mechanics and endowed with an innate curiosity about the functioning of machines. He concretely gained knowledge about and experience in internal combustion engines and motor vehicles during the first years of high school, graduating in 2002 as a mechanical expert and in 2006 as a mechanical engineer with a thesis on the performance of diesel engine, carried out together with the research and development department of the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR company in Treviglio (BG).

The first official work experience is with the SAME company in Treviglio where he not only concluded his research work on the performance of the intake and exhaust ducts of the engines in production but also he designed other machinery for the bench tests of the engines.

Later he joined the technical office of indel B of Berloni group in Sant’Agata Feltria where he mainly designed industrial refrigerators for the automotive and nautical sectors as well as equipment for quality tests on production lines.

In 2009 he began a new experience at IRCI in Pietracuta, a rapidly expanding company in the field of the renewable energy. He worked there for five years dealing with projects concerning the structures for photovoltaic systems, construction site management and purchase of materials. An experience that culminated with the design of a remote-controlled robot for cleaning the photovoltaic panels mounted on the roofs of the sheds.

Six years later, driven by the passion for vehicles, he began a new collaboration with MAIN Engineering where, as Project Manager, he dealt with the design and development of industrial vehicles and machines, excavators, articulated loaders, self-propelled for green cleaning, telehandlers and radio-controlled vehicles.

In 2021, a baleful and unheard-of year that will be remembered as the year of the greatest global recession caused by Covid, he accepted a new challenge and started working in ALCEO together with his friend and colleague Gianfranco Quercia.

‘Whoever does not have the courage to dare, will never be so lucky to succeed’

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Francesco Codice'Designer

Master’s degree in product design in 2013 achieved at the IUAV in Venice, but Francesco undertakes artisan work experiences even before starting university studies. His professional activity officially begins with a specialist research thesis, where he cooperates with the Venice Glass Experimental Station for the insertion of new materials inside glass reinforced for the solar shielding. 

After some experiences in the graphic and exhibit field, from 2013 to 2016 he manages the Technical and R&D Office of a company specialized in refrigeration, where he draws and designs machines for important brands such as Jägermeister, Natfood, Artic, Dos Mas.

Since 2016 he has been the co-founder of Studio Tanto, where he deals with research, testing, product design and prototyping, combining the pleasure of getting your hands continuously dirty, with a design philosophy based on ergonomics and functionality. 

To date, he cooperates with ALCEO bringing his contribution as a style designer, model maker and digital craftsman.

‘We seek the soul of the project, simplifying the complexities’